In our 1st episode of The Pesty Marketing Podcast, we have Bob Howard, founder of 855 bugs, telling us the insights of a lifetime in the pest control industry. And, of course, all about his journey beginning, growing, and finally selling his own company. 

Bob’s tale is not only a handful of valuable lessons on how to be successful, but also on how to build and maintain a reputation on customer-focus, and the importance of creating a product and service that actually makes the difference from them. 855 bugs’ main premise is definitely something to keep in mind: customers value knowing who they are doing business with because that’s the people they’ll have going into their houses. 

Accompanied by a hilarious practical joke involving dead bodies, Bob’s narrative walks us through the stages he went through during all the years he ran his company and the impact that Marketing had on it. Everything from being initially named “” (yes that’s not a typo), going through phone book ads, and figuring out the strategies that would actually escalate is told in today’s episode. 

So what are you waiting for to jump right in and watch the complete episode?



Bob Howard of 855 Bugs

Andrew Peluso