Our Commitment To You

You will love working with us–and your results–so much, that you’ll be jumping with joy. And we’ll put our money where our mouth is.

We’re not one of those marketing agencies where you sign up and are then put on auto-pilot or start working with an associate who started the day before. We’re a serious team of professionals, who don’t just know the space inside out–but who put your best interest first, always. Even when it pains us!

1 business day response time, no matter what.

We’ve hired people that, no matter how smart they are, we just become their last priority–and we know that because our questions to them and emails take more, and more, and more time to get a response. Here at Pesty, we deeply value quick response times. In fact, it’s one of the metrics we measure internally. And this is why we will happily commit to ensure you always get a substantial response to any question or issue within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays.)

30-day money back guarantee

If you don’t have a great onboarding experience with us during the first 30 days, cancel your services and receive a full refund up to $3,000 on your first payment.


No annual contract

We will never make you sign an annual contract. Start with us and stay with us on a month to month agreement. We will earn your business month in and month out.

We treat you the way we would treat ourselves

Our clients aren’t merely clients; they’re our family–often literally. We guarantee that with us you’ll always get the best service and product in the market–exactly what we would do to ourselves and our own families. (And yes, we have great relationships with our families.)

We bring creative problem-solving to everything we do

If sales were just a simple formula, then many more people would be millionaires. Marketing is a profession that combines science, knowledge, creativity, and focus–and we have been practicing professionals in it for more than decades, cumulatively (no, we’re not that old). And the heart of all this is coming up with, and then implementing, creative solutions to the marketing challenges we face every day–and that is precisely where we shine the most.

We maintain an iron-clad wall within our company and between our clients

Whatever you choose to share with your Marketing team, will forever remain between you and them. We 100% guarantee to you that your company’s information will never be seen, heard, or known by anyone who is not working with you, even if they work at Pesty Marketing. What we do share are best practices and learnings, so that each client has the benefit of our experience with other clients.

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