Pesty’s 10 commandments of integrity

What integrity means to us

1. Honesty

Our first commandment of integrity is what we value the most in the world: complete and utter honesty, forevermore. Working with Pesty means that we will tell you the truth & keep the BS aside.

2. Transparency

In direct relation to our first principle, we believe being totally transparent with our clients is a key part of our integrity basis. You need to know what’s going on, and it’s our job here at Pesty to provide that information, at any given time.

3. Hard-working

We believe integrity means giving our best to make sure you receive the best. The way to achieve that is through working our butts off to get you where you need to be.

4. Fluid communication

Communication is one of our top priorities when it comes to working with clients, and we guarantee that we will be in touch with you constantly. To us, integrity means making sure everyone has all the information necessary and the ability to make decisions with it.

5. Constant updates, improvements, and optimization

Integrity to us means delivering the best possible product we can, and, in order to get that done, things need to constantly be improved and modified. And our team will be happy to continuously optimize your strategy to make it match your needs.

6. Do the right thing, in difficult situations (and easy situations) & testing

Integrity to us here at Pesty also means being able to realize what’s the right and the wrong thing to do facing any kind of situation, and always choose the right one. We want to celebrate your success, mourne your duels, and always put your company’s well-being first.

7. The Iron-clad wall between clients

The pest control industry is a very local and competitive one, and in order to look out for our client’s best interests, we need to make sure no cross-information is spread. We believe that integrity is based on confidentiality for anyone who chooses Pesty to work with, even among our teams.

8. Our actions are always consistent with our words

Here at Pesty, we believe that one of the most accurate definitions of integrity is the consistent correspondence between what you say you’ll do, and what you actually do. And, in order to work up to our ideals, we guarantee to always fulfill the expectations that we ourselves create.

9. No BS goals, let’s get real

Related to the previous point, we believe the way to the top has to be based upon realistic expectations, solid results, and trustworthy teammates. That’s why integrity to us also means setting goals we know we can achieve and strive to never ever disappoint our clients.

10. Always put the client’s interest first

Our 10 commandments of integrity lead to one key point: here at Pesty, the #1 priority will forevermore be our clients’ best interest. Everything we do, we do it in order to get you to success and put you in the place you deserve to be in because that’s what, overall, integrity means to us.

10. We will never work with another pest control firm in your town, we promise.

At the heart of Pesty is our core belief in putting integrity above everything else. And how can you have integrity if you’re helping someone while simultaneously helping their competitor? Nope, that’s not the kind of guys and girls we are.

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