For a pest control startup, there are more than enough things that are likely taking up all your attention. However, this is not an excuse to overlook your marketing of your services. After, if you want to bowl over potential customers and win over customers from your competitors, your marketing campaign should be top-notch.

The best way to introduce your customers to your brand and all that you have to offer might be through digital marketing. Now, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have an offline, traditional marketing campaign. Many people continue to associate pest control services with printed flyers and pamphlets.

However, if your pest control marketing campaign doesn’t make an impression on your audience, it won’t be a look for you. Think about it, you more than likely incurred several costs starting your business. So, to recover these costs as quickly as possible, it’s imperative to devise an effective marketing plan.

With the following points, we’ll highlight how digital marketing can help pest control startups.

Start Small

Yes, you heard us right; starting small when you want to earn a great number of customers sounds counterintuitive. However, believe us when we say that it doesn’t make sense to spend astronomical amounts of money on a marketing campaign for a pest control startup.

Adding onto a large pile of costs to promote your business when you can promote it online is not very wise. You needn’t stretch your budget to accommodate a pricey marketing campaign if you have a few tricks up your sleeve.

The first of these tricks should involve using a PPC expert as opposed to a marketing agency. More often than not, this option is cheaper and produces great results. Many large pest control companies have in-house marketing departments to take care of their promotional needs.

However, if you’re just starting out, establishing an entire department isn’t the best course of action for several reasons. Firstly, it takes up too much money. You needn’t employ a bunch of employees for digital marketing. In the initial stages of your business, a PPC marketing expert will do just fine.

Sure, you can set up a marketing department down the line when your business grows, but it shouldn’t be a priority in the initial stages. You’d be better off directing your precious resources towards buying the best equipment, pesticides, and insecticides for your business.

Also, you’ll have to consider the costs of training and hiring competent staff and obtaining licences and permits. In other words, there’ll be no shortage of expenses to look after during the first few months of your operations.

So, you should keep it simple on the marketing front and not get carried away trying to make an impression on potential customers.

Create Display Ads

Let’s get real for a second. No company that’s serious about making it big in any industry today doesn’t create display ads to entice customers. Think about it, everyone hangs on to their smartphones now like their lives depend on it. While this might not be a good thing for them, it could be a good thing for your pest control business.

In the initial stages of your operations, you should look for ways to impress yourself upon viewers without burning a hole in your pocket. With the advent of digital marketing, this is now more convenient than ever.

However, making display ads doesn’t always come cheap. In most cases, companies need to hire PPC experts or marketing agencies to get the job done. If these experts or agencies enjoy a good reputation, then they usually charge high fees.

While these fees may not always be exorbitant, they can seem so for a pest control startup. After all, startups don’t have extra cash to toss around on marketing with the ever-increasing costs of pest control materials and equipment.

However, you needn’t design an elaborate marketing campaign for your display ads. When you start working in an area you haven’t touched before, all that matters is making an impression. There may well be people in a town or city that aren’t too happy with the pest control services they’re currently receiving.

So, a new pest control company on the block might appear interesting to them regardless of what their ads look like. In other words, newness is an aspect of your startup that will do some of the heavy-lifting for you. All you need to do in such a scenario is to capitalize on it through engaging display ads.

Use Social Media Platforms

The best social media platforms today like Instagram feature an endless stream of display ads. These ads range from static display ads to videos and Reels. So, there’s no shortage of ad formats to choose from with social media platforms.

However, when advertising on social media, you should remember that it might not take up too much money, but it does take a fair amount of time. You’ll require an individual dedicated to maintaining your social media account and posting regular ads to reflect what your business has to offer.

Also, if you want to try out Reels and other trending social media features, you’ll need the help of a content creator. If you opt to use the services of influencers, it may be affordable or expensive, depending on the number of followers they have.

As compared to this, using display ads would be the cheaper option in the short and long run.

To conclude with, using a digital marketing campaign for your pest control company is the right idea for many reasons. However, regardless of the direction you take your digital marketing campaign in, you should ensure it aligns with your offline marketing campaign.

Consistency in your marketing efforts will allow you to create a bigger impression on viewers.

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