Several things are challenging regarding promoting a pest control business, especially when you’re facing competition. Therefore, it makes sense for us to use every possible tactic regarding pest control marketing for companies we work with.

However, this is often difficult when you consider the fierce competition in the industry today. There’s often more than one pest control company operating in the same locality, which is why many companies struggle to maintain high customer retention rates.

After all, if there’s a new business in town offering more competitive rates and better customer service, then how do you make your business stand out? Well, the answer, of course, is marketing! With the help of great pest control advertising strategies, you can ensure you win new business while maintaining customer loyalty.

However, at the end of the day, if a marketing firm works with more than one pest control business, it could give rise to several concerns. The following reasons are why we don’t work with two companies in the same town:

Conflict Of Interest

The primary reason why we don’t work with more than one company is that it essentially gives rise to a conflict of interest. When we work with you and design your marketing campaign, we aim to give your ads (and by extension your services) maximum visibility.

It’s more than a little challenging to increase brand awareness when you’re working with more than one brand that’s catering to the same audience. Two pest control services operating in the same geographical area are essentially rivals, and we believe those working with them should adopt the same outlook.

In other words, while working with you, we’d view your rivals as rivals too as their marketing department or marketing agency would target the same audience that we would. So, we’d want to invest our time and other resources to ensure we bring in more customers than your competitors.

After all, we want your company to have a unique identity and to win new business better than your competitors. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for us to try and do the same for your rivals that are looking to entice the same customers.

Besides, this is especially true if the rival companies are employing similar sales strategies as you are. For instance, if their services are priced like yours or if they offer users precisely the same kind of services that you do, then it would be challenging to help your brand stand out.

We want to ensure we feature the best ad designs and content for you, not your competitors. Every ad that we’d potentially design for competing brands could divert views and clicks from your ads, which isn’t what we want.

The conflict of interest that’s apparent here is why we’re adamant about not working with competitors.

Commitment And Integrity

When we work with you, we want to devote all the time and other resources required to promote your pest control business. Since there’s a high degree of competition in the pest control industry and changing demands from customers, you can see why it’s important for us to leave no stone unturned concerning marketing.

After all, designing a display marketing campaign isn’t all that difficult, but executing it is far from easy. It takes considerable manpower, time, and money to ensure a marketing campaign follows the marketing strategy that it seeks to implement.

Besides, commitment here also means loyalty to us. We don’t want to be disloyal to your company by allying with those that wish to capture the same market as you do. Loyalty among marketing agencies and companies matters more when the latter is operating in small towns.

We can’t fathom selling top-notch ideas and designs to you and a competing pest control company at the same time simply because it’s not what we consider ethical. If we work with you, we want you to have our 100%. Our PPC specialists and marketing experts are on board to help you improve your conversion rates at the expense of your rivals.

In other words, we’re committed to a fault and view your competitors in much the same way that you do. To work with them would mean going over to the proverbial dark side and fraternising with the enemy. Okay, this might be an exaggeration but you get what we mean.

All in all, we wouldn’t work with your rivals since it would mean we can’t fully commit to your brand. Our dedicated team of experts is available and willing to work closely with you to ensure your pest marketing strategy sees the light of day and boosts revenue.

More often than not, advertising campaigns undergo constant revisions and revamp. To execute these revisions and revamps, you’ll need a marketing service that’s fully committed to promoting your pest control company, which is precisely what we aim for.


Lastly, not working with competing pest control companies in the same town is also a matter of preference for us. We believe in healthy competition and seek to nurture it with our display marketing tools and ideas. We don’t like playing on both sides of the pitch, so to speak.

We’d much rather devote our time and skills to designing and launching a display marketing campaign for your pest control business than work with your rivals. Think about it, why wouldn’t we want to create one stellar campaign over two or more mediocre campaigns?

Bringing in more customers for your business and outdoing your rivals is as much a victory for us as it is for you. After all, there’s no higher praise for a pest control marketing firm than boosting sales for its clients, is there? 

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