There are few things more important than executing a great display ad campaign when promoting your business. Given the fact that running a business is no piece of cake in and of itself, the added responsibility of running an ad campaign can take a toll on your operations.

Unfortunately, this is especially true for smaller pest control companies that don’t have too many resources, to begin with. If you’re currently running one such company, then you’ll know what we mean when we say that running display ads online is simply not enough to promote your business.

Sure, featuring your ads on various online platforms can bring you the attention and quite possibly new customers, but there’s no guarantee of the same. Since hiring PPC experts and graphic designers to create such ads doesn’t come cheap, you can see why it’s important for your investment to pay off here.

Most businesses in the pest control industry take it for granted that their services will sell themselves. To some extent, this is true. After all, everyone requires pest control in their living and workspaces at some point in time.

However, that doesn’t compel them to seek out your services, especially if other pest control companies are operating in the same locality. In such a situation, you can see why we recommend going the extra mile to make your ads (and by extension, your company) stand out among rivals.

The first and most important thing to take care of in this regard is to develop a pest control marketing strategy. This strategy should ideally cover all the major aspects of running a successful ad campaign online.

For the longest time, pest control businesses relied on traditional, offline marketing techniques to win them new business. A few colorful flyers and pamphlets handed out in a neighborhood was enough to entice customers and retain their loyalty.

However, that isn’t the case any more thanks to increased competition and the introduction of online marketing. Therefore, a good marketing strategy will surely see you through and help you retain customers even when you face tough competition and increasing prices.

There are several advantages of developing a marketing strategy, the foremost of which is that it adds more depth to your pest control advertising campaign. Think about it, brainstorming sessions with our team of marketing professionals and PPC experts are more likely to help you promote your business than generic display ads are.

If you choose to make generic and uninspired ads and float them online, you’ll have little chance of capturing a viewer’s attention. Instead, we’ll work on developing ads that reflect your brand value and everything your company offers users.

When we help you design a marketing strategy, we work closely with you to help ensure you discover what your brand is all about. Contrary to popular belief, it’s as important for a pest control company to have a unique image and identity as it is for say, an automobile company.

We appreciate that increasing brand awareness and visibility starts with developing a brand in the first place. Your company is so much more than the pest control services you provide; it includes your vision, team of professionals, work ethic, customer services, etc.

A good marketing strategy will take all of that into account and more. The strategy will encompass everything from the kind of ads you want to create (static or video) to the logo and tagline you should go with. After all, there are plenty of factors that influence how customers perceive a brand.

Once we put our heads together and figure out what kind of display ads would work best for you, we’ll approach execution. Executing our collective vision and marketing strategy is just as important as designing it well. Together, we’ll develop a unique identity for your pest control company and sell your services successfully.

Another important aspect of promotion that comes under a marketing strategy is understanding where to place your display ads. Therefore, we’ll look for the best sites online that enjoy a great reputation and bring in enough traffic to boost your CTR (click-through rate).

Featuring your display ads on these sites will increase your visibility and fit snugly into a fool-proof marketing strategy if indeed there is such a thing. Also, if customers see your ads on reputed and popular websites, then they’ll hold your brand in high esteem.

There are a few better ways in which a pest control business can gain new customers, you can take our word for it. Lastly, a marketing strategy would include analyzing the performance of your display ads online.

Many companies ignore the importance of analyzing ad performance and regret it in the long run. A/B testing and other testing methods might be time-consuming and require extra efforts, but their place in a good marketing strategy is beyond reproach.

Evaluating how your ads fare online will allow you to focus on areas that require your attention and help you improve your ad campaign. Having a strategy works as a framework of sorts and you’ll know precisely where you’re going wrong if you compare your execution against such a framework.

Therefore, running high-quality display ads to promote your pest control business is important, but it shouldn’t take precedence over first chalking out a strategy. All things considered, it’s the strategy that will see you through in the long run, not a couple of display ads.

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