The demand for pest control services is quite high. It is a future-proofed industry because the number of pests keeps growing. However, a pest control company would still need a proper marketing plan to stay ahead of its competitors. A marketing agency can be of great help as it can help develop effective marketing strategies through its expertise. But you cannot go and hire a random marketing agency for your pest control company and expect everything to go perfectly alright. Instead, you should look for certain things in a marketing agency if you don’t want to regret your decision later.

Here are a few things mentioned that you should consider while hiring a marketing agency for your pest control company.

Awareness of Company’s Goals

The marketing agency you hire for your pest control company should be aware of your goals and mission. Your pest control company might have a healthy budget but if your marketing agency doesn’t know what you want to achieve in a few months or years, it will lead you nowhere. So, make sure that you look for a marketing agency that has a proper vision of your company’s goals. You can have an initial meeting with the agency to see whether you both are on the same page or not. 

Services They Provide

You should also consider the kind of services a marketing agency is providing to market your pest control company. It also depends upon your needs and preferences whether you want a one-stop marketing agency for every kind of marketing service or you want one that has expertise in specific niches. For instance, if you want a marketing agency to run your PPC campaign, make sure the marketing agency you hire has the relevant experience and knowledge that is required to make the campaign successful.

Previous Clients and Testimonials

Any renowned marketing agency would have some previous clients and testimonials to show you. You can have a look at its website as well to see whether it has a proper ‘Testimonials’ section or not. If you cannot find any data on the website, you can directly ask the agency to provide you with the information regarding its previous clients and projects.

Availability & Responsiveness

A marketing agency should be highly responsive to your concerns and queries. You can have an idea about its availability by calling it at random times of the day or night. It should be willing to be involved and available for your marketing program at every step of the process. Only then, it will be able to plan the strategies and timeframes accordingly. It is even better if you tell the agency about your expectations from it to avoid any sort of dispute later.

Written Contract

A reputable marketing agency will offer you a written contract. It will reflect the professionalism and truthfulness that an agency has for its job. You should also read the contract carefully before signing it. You can take help from your legal consultant as well.


Another most important thing to consider while looking for a marketing agency is its consistency. It will help you evaluate the choice you are going to make for your business. The consistency of a marketing agency will be required in multiple tasks, i.e. for targeting the audience through SEO implementation and optimization, sparking conversation with the clients organically, both online and offline advertising, for referral marketing, connecting the customers on the web, creating a strong web presence of your pest control company to get a competitive advantage, and a lot more. So, make sure that the agency you hire is consistent and committed to its work as it is going to affect your pest control company’s revenues directly or indirectly.


Every pest control company wants quality work from its marketing agency, however, it shouldn’t have to break the bank for that. You should have an idea about how the marketing agency works before hiring it. Some agencies are projects based while others are monthly retainers. So, you should know what type of agency would prove to be cost-effective for you. 

For instance, if you want to test the agency before signing a long-term contract with it, you should go for project-based work. But if you want to secure a marketing agency for a lengthy marketing campaign and don’t want any disruptions during it, you should look for monthly retainers.


A marketing agency should add value to your pest control business. You can analyze its planning and strategies to see whether it will be able to secure the growth of your company or not. Also, consider the approach it takes to the journey of its client. You should better look for an agency that is willing to use custom strategies and take a specialized approach instead of a general one to ensure that it turns out to be a valuable addition to your company.

Training & Experience

Regardless of how many years a marketing agency has worked for a pest control company, it should also be a part of an ongoing training program to enhance its experience level. Since the trends of marketing campaigns keep changing, the training helps to keep the marketing agency updated. This way, it stays alert and focused on the changes it needs to make to ensure that the pest control company doesn’t suffer from any significant loss.

Guarantee & Safety

A marketing agency should realize that you are putting your entire pest control business at stake by hiring it. So, it should offer at least a guarantee for the experiments it is going to conduct during marketing campaigns. It will give you relief and satisfaction to some extent.

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