Every company needs a sales manual to help them boost sales and foster long-term growth. Think of a sales manual as a guide to help you achieve growth and success for your pest control business one customer at a time. Besides, it would be safe to assume that the sales team you’ve hired isn’t 100% sure of how they can navigate what can sometimes be a tricky market with changing needs.

The main idea behind creating a sales manual is to give your sales team some direction. Granted, your team might be highly skilled and knowledgeable, but that doesn’t mean that every member of your team is on the same page. Each one of them might have different ideas on how to win more business and this can often lead to confusion and – more often than not – conflict. You can see how this doesn’t exactly foster an environment in which creativity flourishes.

Therefore, now that we’ve established the importance of having a sales manual for your pest control business, let’s discuss how you can go about making one. In this article, I’ll take you through the distinct steps that are involved in making a sales manual to expand your pest control business. Happy reading!

Planning And Organization

As is the case with every business-related plan, a sales plan should start with careful planning and organization. Think about it, you can’t just wake up one fine morning and decide to execute a haphazard sales plan; it takes a lot more than that. You could begin by figuring out how you’re going to introduce your sales manual to your sales team.

Remember, before you can think of instructing your team on how to boost sales, you’ll first need to ensure that they know what your business is all about. Sure, everyone knows a little something about the world of pest control since everyone has required this service at some point or another. However, knowing what a pest control business is about and understanding what makes it tick are two entirely different things and your sales team should be familiar with the latter.

Once you’ve briefed your team on how you operate your pest control business and what makes your company stand out from your competitors, you can organize all your relevant information in a manner they can understand. For instance, many companies rely on using lists and graphic illustrations to communicate the salient features of their products and services to their sales team and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same. After all, it’s easy to understand and doesn’t take all that long to chalk up.

Make sure you include information on the prices of your services, types of services offered, and other relevant information in your sales manual.

Breakdown How You Make A Sale

This is a lot more important than you realize to help your sales team boost sales effectively. You’d need to break down each step involved in making a sale right from putting out your ads to processing the payments from customers and providing after-sales services. After all, each step in this process is as important as the next and none of them can be overlooked to determine success in the competitive world of pest control services.

This process generally begins by talking to your team about the type of customers you’re targeting. The demographics that are in play here should help them to market your business better and reach out to customers more effectively. Remember, a sales rep is trained to approach different kinds of customers in different ways so having them understand the customers they’re going to be dealing with should make their job a lot easier.

Once you’re done with this, it would be a good idea to explain your sales strategy to your employees. You could consider training up one employee for a demo on how to make a sale successfully or find videos online on the same. Either way, make sure that your team goes home knowing exactly what they’d need to do to make a sale for your pest control business and boost your conversion rate.

Breaking down a sale should also include explaining to your staff any technology and software that’ll be involved in making sales. You could have in-depth training programs for the same later on but it wouldn’t hurt to give your employees an overview when you’re introducing your sales manual to them.

Explain Expenses And Fees

In most cases, companies offer their sales teams commissions based on the volume of sales that they make. If you’re going to be following the same model, then it would be a good idea to explain to your sales team the specifics of how they’re going to get paid, the percentage of commission they’ll receive on each sale, and other payment terms. Including this in a sales manual will give your team a clear idea of how they can make money on the job which often works as a powerful motivator.

While you’re at it, you could also communicate to them the expenses that you’ll reimburse them for such as traveling, meals with clients, phone calls, etc. This way, they’ll know that they take all the necessary steps that are involved in making a sale without having to worry about shelling out from their own pockets.


The aforementioned steps should give you a fairly clear idea of how you can make a sales manual for your pest control services and maximize profits both in the short and in the long run. Now all you need to do is execute them well enough to kick start the sales campaign for your pest control business.