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Ok, let’s get into it.

Today, we’re talking about the single most important part of your marketing funnel — the one that can single-handedly double your lead volume if you get it right or leave you in a sea of sameness, looking and sounding like every other pest control company out there and leaving you stuck getting average results forever…


Most offers suck (probably including yours)!

They suck because they are the same as everyone else’s offer.

  • “Free pest inspection”
  • “Pest-Free Guarantee”
  • “$50 off your first service”

None of these offers incentivizes me to take the next step with you because most likely all of your competitors offer the same thing. There is no differentiation. So as a potential customer, I’m just going to reach out to all of you and price shop.

Competition is for losers.

You need to give people a reason to call you and only you.

And an offer can give people that reason.

Here are a few starter ideas that I almost never see and that I know work.

  • “1 Free Year of Termite Protection”
  • “Money Back Guarantee”
  • “Web Free Guarantee”

You know how I know these work? Because I have clients who use them and I see the numbers.

The conversion rate of the landing pages where a strong offer is used will have 3–5x the conversion rate of landing pages where the offer sucks.

You don’t have to use the offers I’m suggesting, BUT you have to come up with something.

…Can you hear that?

That’s fear telling you that this is ridiculous and that Andrew doesn’t know what he’s talking about and that you can’t possibly come up with an offer without breaking the bank and going out of business.

Let me put your mind at ease.

In God we trust. All others must bring data.

There is no harm in coming up with an offer and testing it for 30 days.

Then look at the DATA. What does it tell you? Does it tell you that online sales jumped by 23% compared to what you expected? Does it tell you that instead of closing 1 out of every 4 leads who called you, you were able to close 1 out of 3?

Ok, I’m sold Andrew, how do I come up with an offer?

Sit down.

Write down every wild, absurdly awesome, terrible, and ridiculous offer you can think of that your customers would love.

Cross off all but 5 of the ideas.

Cross off all but 1 of the ideas.

Do that and get it started today. Don’t procrastinate.

This one offer alone could make you thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars if you get it right.

Every day you don’t try, it is like having a hand full of sand, spreading your fingers wide, and watching it pour through your fingers. Except for every grain of sand is a $20 bill.

Hold onto those dollar dollar bills, y’all.

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