If you’re looking to establish a pest control business, there are sure to be dozens of things that would be running through your mind. The more creative aspects of setting up a business such as choosing a name or slogan for it might not feature very high on your list of priorities, but these are important considerations just the same. Choosing a great name for your services is essentially the first step in executing your pest control marketing strategy. After all, if things go well for your business, then it’ll stick around for a fairly long time and it’d be great if it’s a name that’s memorable.

While choosing a name might seem like quite a task, it can be a fun experience too. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of picking out a name alone or organizing a brainstorming session with your marketing team for the same, it should be a rewarding experience and get your creative juices flowing! Think of it this way, the name you choose for your business gives it a sense of identity. Therefore, choosing one is both an immense responsibility and an exciting challenge.

However, even though the task of choosing one is challenging, this doesn’t mean that you need to pick out names that are too pretentious or complicated for the sake of standing out. Think of some of the biggest pest control companies in the country right now: Terminix International, Rentokil, Arrow Exterminators, Anticimex, Bug Busters, etc. Notice how these companies have names that are short and easy to remember while managing to stand out all the same? All of these are pest control company names but no two names are remotely alike. This only goes to show how diverse the choice for pest control company names truly is.

If you’re at a loss regarding the whole naming business or are facing some sort of creative block, then there’s no need to fret. There is online software available that can generate a name for your business in no time. So, if you don’t want to waste too much time and money on coming up with a name, then it may be a good idea to give such software a whirl. More often than not, such name generators are available on those sites that suggest names for various kinds of businesses.

We found that these sites suggest unique combinations of pest control related keywords as names for your business. Making use of any of these names could prove to be an effective pest control advertising strategy to intrigue customers and have them give you a ring. After all, there’s nothing like a catchy name to pique the curiosity of potential customers. Think about it, if a customer realizes that you’ve put more effort into choosing a name than the average pest control company, they’ll likely associate this level of commitment with your services as well.

The name that you ultimately go with should reflect what your company is all about and why customers would want to pick you. Now, I know this sounds like quite the task but it’s easier than you’d think. For instance, let’s come up with a name for a pest control company now and try it out. How about ‘The Roach Ridders’ or ‘The Peskiteers’? These are a little more on the fun side of things. However, if you’d like a more serious name for your pest control business, then something like, say ‘Goodbye Pests’ or ‘Complete Control’ should get the job done just as well. Again, remember, the name that you choose here is one of the blocks upon which you’ll build the image of your brand piece by piece.

Therefore, other aspects of your pest control marketing campaign should ideally reflect elements of the name of your business. For instance, if you’re going with a name like ‘The Peskiteers’, then it would be a good idea to have a graphic designer come up with some illustrations for your pamphlets that feature exterminators in fencing gear battling pests. This is just one example, of course, but it gives you an idea of how you can incorporate the name of your business into your promotional materials to make a greater impact on your target audience.

Also, it might be a good idea to base your name on the area in which you’re going to be operating in. This doesn’t mean that you need to include the name of the state or city that you’re headquartered in into your company name, just the essence of the place is enough. Another way to come up with a name would be to take a look at names of other pest control companies in the region and go in the opposite direction. In this way, you’ll appear to be a breath of fresh air to customers who may well develop an interest in the services you have to offer. This is especially effective in cases where the names chosen by pest control companies in an area are rather practical and serious and a new company comes up with one that’s witty and fun.

What matters most here is coming up with a name that conveys what your pest control company brings to the industry and what makes it unique. Remember, if you keep it simple, you’ll do no wrong. However, if you get creative, you might just launch a successful marketing campaign with your name itself.

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