In this episode, Alex Parker and Zac Davis of Reliant Pest Management emphasized how their door-to-door knocking strategy – filled with motivated and competitive sales reps – brought greatness to their company.

Door-to-door knocking is celebrated as one of the most challenging and exhausting marketing strategies. Alex and Davis recognize this hardship, but they took the challenge and developed the ability to have mental and emotional resilience along the way. Today, their sales reps have developed the same skills as well.

Naturally, door-to-door knocking requires you to meet people, communicate with them, deal with rejections, and handle hard times. Whenever Alex and Davis’s company would recruit new talent, they are upfront with this challenge and the rewards that can come from it. They emphasized that different people have their own style of approach when talking to others, which is something that their sales reps learn when they conduct door-to-door sales. Over time, they came to realize that being yourself and feeling comfortable talking to people in your own way could bring sales.

As the episode ends, Alex and Zac also emphasize that creating an environment where your sales reps can be positively competitive, joke around, and have fun does contribute to the business’s success. Maintaining a work culture that’s loyal to their people, properly compensating their achievements, and putting great importance on integrity and honesty in the work they do will benefit not only the employees but also the business and its customers.


Reliant Pest Management

Andrew Peluso