Today’s episode of The Pesty Marketing Podcast brings Jason Fiala, partner and operator at Premium Termite and Pest Control, and the story of how he started and grew his companies, the challenges faced, and the lessons learned. 

One of the most interesting things we found in Jason’s story, were (as told by him) the three components of the perfect storm that caused his business to shut down: lack of discipline (maybe having too much fun), the economic crisis, and not taking the time to hire and train adequate staff. Added to this same scenario, he commented on the importance of learning to say “no” when you really can’t take over a job (whether it is because you lack the time, or because you know nothing about construction). 

Moving forward 10 years, he tells us some of the secrets that make his business one of a kind: being super on top of Yelp reviews, not settling for being a 4.5 stars company and always striving for 5 out of 5, and making sure your customer’s experience is great by granting clear and useful communication as well as follow-ups once the job is finished.

And finally, we can’t leave aside his success tale: how being known as the “taco guy” and doing a memorable job turned him into the only termite guy the biggest real estate company in Long Beach actually trusts. 



Jason Fiala

Premium Termite and Pest Control

Andrew Peluso