The U.S. has some of the biggest control companies in the world in terms of the market size and revenue that they command. This isn’t altogether surprising if you consider the fact that many areas across the country see major pest-related issues if these aren’t taken care of promptly and effectively. The pest control companies that are currently active in the U.S. offer users a range of services that are tailored to get rid of their pesty woes.

The prices, kinds of services, and other aspects of these companies differ from each other based on the location of their customers and the kind of pests that they’re dealing with. To give you a fair idea of what these companies are all about, I’ll take you through their main features and more in this article.

Aptive Environmental (Philadelphia)

Aptive is an up-and-coming pest control company that currently brings in a revenue of around $200 million. For a company that hasn’t been in the industry for all that long (it was established in 2015), this is more than a little impressive. Aptive’s selling point is that it specializes in providing users with pest control services that are customizable. The technicians and experts that work with the company are known to conduct a comprehensive study on the unique pest woes of each customer and tackle these accordingly.

Those customers that face problems with bug infestations or would like to get rid of insects and rodents often get in touch with this company to obtain effective solutions. The fact that these technicians are available anytime on call is what has drawn users to this brand over the years since it commenced its operations. One of the best features of this company is that it not only provides users with quality pest control services but it also takes measures to ensure that its activities cause minimal damage to the environment. Since pest control products are often brimming with harmful chemicals that cause lasting damage to water and soil, this is a very impressive feature of the brand.

Terminix (Memphis)

No list of the best control companies in the U.S. is complete without a mention of Terminix, such as its popularity and reputation. This company not only operates in nearly 4 dozen U.S. states, but it also covers over 20 other countries across the world. It originally started out as a means to provide users with solutions to deal with termite infestations in buildings that contained wooden flooring.

It created an insecticide meant specifically for termites which gained immense popularity back in the 1930s. In fact, many of the services that are considered to be standard offerings by pest companies today were introduced by Terminix. For instance, this company was among the first to offer users a guarantee and regular inspections. Over the years, Terminix has effectively acquired several other companies and expanded its operations rapidly. It’s currently displaying no signs of slowing down despite being faced with fierce competition from new companies in the industry.

Ecolab (Minnesota)

Those who live in Minnesota and aren’t too familiar with the pest control industry might’ve heard of this company at some point. After all, it’s nearly a century old now! The main reason why this company is so popular is that it offers users many services aside from pest control. It offers food and beverage processing, healthcare, mining and mineral processing, power generation, chemical processing, and much more.

The innovative approach that this company takes towards pest control has allowed it to flourish and grow reliable in the eyes of customers ever since it came into existence. The service specialists that work with the brand offer on-site consultation, emergency response, and other features that most people find very convenient. Ecolab currently has over 140 patents in pest control technologies, which is quite a feat in itself.

The members of this company are able to offer users long-lasting solutions mainly because they’re trained to both detect and prevent pest infestations in various locations. Ecolab is also renowned for offering quality customer support services and it currently operates in over 170 countries.

Arrow Exterminators (Atlanta)

This is another company that has been around for quite a while now (over 5 decades) and has managed to cement its place in the industry thanks to the quality of pest control services it offers. While Arrow Exterminators offers users means by which they can get rid of a variety of pests, it specializes in dealing with termites. Since termite infestations are a nuisance in many U.S. states, it’s easy to see why this particular service has enjoyed high demand over the years. This company currently operates in about a dozen U.S. states.

This company essentially provides the means by which users can rid themselves of common pests such as termites and mosquitoes. Aside from this, it also offers wildlife control, insulation services, exclusion services, and so much more. In other words, this company seeks to tackle pest infestations from every possible angle thereby providing users with long-term rather than short-term solutions.

One of the reasons why this company is among the largest in the pest control industry is that it has acquired dozens of more companies that now operate under its control. However, despite this, it continues to provide services under its original banner which users across the country often associate with quality pest control services.

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