This week we come with some really exciting news: our company is coming along for the Pest World 2021 conference, hosted by the National Pest Management Association, yay! 

And you might be wondering — what the heck is the Pest World conference? (Okay, you’re probably not wondering it since, if you’re in the pest control industry, you’re probably going there, too. But just in case…) Well, only the biggest annual event for pest control professionals, where we all gather together to exchange information, resources, access to the latest products, services and technologies and overall learn a lot. 

Pest control companies owners, technicians, salesmen, students, suppliers, tech-vendors, human resource consultants, are just some of the industry’s professionals that every year get together to see what’s going on in the industry, meet colleagues, and have a lot of pest-related fun. 

So you can’t begin to imagine how exciting this is for our young startup — to have the chance to mingle around some of the industry’s biggest leaders, and to pick their brains is not just an opportunity like no other, but also a huge honor!

So stay tuned to our blog and social media for the next couple of days to find out everything we’ll be up to and be a part of the Pest World 2021 experience with us!

And let’s have a toast–to many more years coming. And maybe one day, we’ll be able to put on our own conference.


PS — if anyone reading this is coming, just ping me, we’d love to have a drink there.