Creating a slogan to promote your pest control agency might not be the first thing that crosses your mind when you’re looking to kick-start your marketing campaign. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t an essential part of your ad campaign. While crafting a slogan isn’t nearly as important as providing your customers with great quality pest control services, it certainly gets the job done at intriguing viewers and winning you some new business.

Think about it, the first thing that most people would notice about your Display Ads is what you feature as the slogan or tagline. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to put the best and brightest minds on the job and cook up a catchy slogan that’ll effectively capture the attention of your viewers. This is especially true if you don’t want to feature too much graphic content that’s related to pests and pest infestations in your ads (if you don’t, good call by the way).

You can think of a slogan as something that establishes the identity of your brand which is why it’s imperative that you don’t overlook its role in your marketing campaign. In order to make a name for yourself in the industry and attract customers, you’d need to take care of every aspect of your ad campaign and a slogan is among the most important of these aspects. Therefore, now that we’ve established that the quality of your slogan can determine how well you do in the pest control industry, let’s talk about how you can get down to making one.

First things first, keep it simple. The most reputed PPC experts and ad makers are likely to tell you that some of the best ads in history are those that had the simplest slogans. In fact, why look to the experts? Think of some ads that you saw on television or printed in newspapers growing up and you’ll know what I’m on about. For instance, some of the biggest brands in the world such as Nike and Nestle have used the slogans ‘Just Do It’ and ‘Good Food, Good Life’ for years now and you’re sure to be familiar with them.

Such slogans are simple but manage to put across what these brands are about. So, your slogan too should convey the gist of your company in plain and understandable words. It might be tempting to go the extra mile and use some big words in your slogan the likes of which your competitors haven’t featured in theirs. However, you must remember that very few people would appreciate a slogan that featured words they had to Google to understand! Also, slogans that feature archaic or (worse) technical terms can come across as being rather pretentious.

You don’t want to shoo away your potential customers by throwing slogans at them that they can barely understand. Remember, the whole idea behind creating a slogan is to intrigue viewers and help them understand your brand better. I know, I know, there are too many things mentioned above that’d you’d need to remember to create a simple one-line slogan which is why it might be more useful for us to take a look at some slogan examples below:

  • Your home, their meal!
  • There’s never just one
  • We bring out the pest in you
  • Dead bugs can’t bite

These are just a few slogans that we found after a Google search on pest control slogans and ads. Not only are these slogans short and easy to understand, but they’re quite witty as well. Sure, for the sake of keeping things short you could simply go with a slogan like ‘We get rid of annoying pests’ (as many companies do) or something along those lines, but that’s just not memorable enough to be a good slogan. When a customer sees your ad, they notice the amount of effort that’s gone into making it, even if they look at it for no more than a split second.

There’s a good chance that viewers will assume that a lackluster or lazy slogan is an indicator of how you run your pest control business. This surely isn’t the kind of brand perception that you want to foster in your target audience, especially if you’re going to start operating in areas that you haven’t touched before. Don’t forget, first impressions always matter!

One way to ensure that your slogan is catchy and effective is to bounce it off a diverse group of people whose opinions you trust. This might be a good idea because if you’re the one that came up with the slogan, then it could be tempting for you to print it on all your ads the first chance you get. Asking for opinions on whether or not your slogan is catchy enough will help put things in perspective. Also, it’s generally advisable that you or your employees come up with more than one slogan and test them out. Needless to say, on top of this it is always good to find yourselves some good old marketing experts for pest control professionals.

You could even consider printing the slogan on a small number of flyers or display ads and circulating these to see how customers respond to them. If the response is promising and you’re witnessing a healthy conversion rate, then you can go ahead and officially roll it out as your pest control business slogan with all the pomp and splendor it deserves. After all, there are few things that spell success in any industry like having customers recognize your company by your slogan alone!



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