When it comes to running a pest control business, you can never have too many resources on hand. Given the fierce competition that’s currently prevailing in the industry and the strong marketing campaigns that pest control companies have come up with, it’s always a good idea to have good resources that help you stand out. While it’s great if you rely on online publications such as magazines to keep you abreast of what’s happening in the industry, a better idea would be to join a pest control association.

One such association is the NPMA (National Pest Management Association).  This is essentially a non-profit organization that has members from all over the world. Since it has been around for nearly a century now, it’s easy to see why the NPMA is considered to be one of the most highly reputed organizations in the pest control industry. The association’s  focus on safeguarding the interests of pest control companies and the general public alike has allowed it to grow popular among both these sections.

If you’re new to the pest control industry, then we’d say that using the resources that NPMA has to offer should give you a fair idea of how you can prepare yourself for business. Not only that, but it also equips you with the knowledge you’d require to operate in a manner that’s both safe and healthy for those looking to sample your services. In this way, NPMA allows you to improve the quality of your services in the long run.

Consumers, pest control companies, public health professionals, and policy makers alike work with this organization to ensure that the pest control industry moves forward while bearing all their interests in mind. This is one of the reasons why we’d say that working with the NPMA is sure to be beneficial both in the short and in the long run for pest control companies. After all, it’s not always easy to keep pace with the changing demands of the industry. Therefore, working with an organization that could influence major policy decisions in the industry is a bonus.

The NPMA offers you many benefits if you choose to become a member company. The first and most important benefit that it offers you is the opportunities that it provides you with to grow your business. Through this organization, many pest control companies have forged new connections in the industry which has helped propel them in the right direction. With the help of these opportunities, you can learn more about the techniques and methods that are currently prevalent in the industry and how you can make the most out of them. 

Another important resource that it offers you is its money-saving programs. These programs are beneficial for all pest control company owners regardless of the size of the business they run. Since registration costs in the pest control industry are quite high, it’s not surprising that new companies often look for ways in which they can cut costs. This is why this money-saving program is so beneficial. Besides, in helping you to cut costs effectively, it allows you to keep your prices reasonable and bring in a good number of customers.

If you take a look at the NPMA website, you’ll also spot some of the additional resources and tools that it has on offer. For instance, the resources that it has regarding leadership opportunities and professional development are especially popular among new pest control companies. Having strong leadership qualities is one of the keys to running a successful pest control business in a highly competitive industry, which is why we can see the appeal of such programs.

However, not all the resources that are available on the site are ideal for new companies alone. We also found some materials regarding technical assistance, which is always useful for older companies that are looking to update their equipment and pest control techniques. Such companies often struggle with finding the right kind of resources to assist them with the transition from using traditional to modern pest control methods so we’d say this is a truly impressive benefit of registering with the NPMA.

While there are many other resources and services that this organization currently offers pest control companies, we thought we’d mention just one more here: its PestWorld Conference. This conference is hugely popular in the pest control industry (and also a lot of fun for attendees!) as it aims towards allowing budding and established pest control companies to learn more about the latest technology and products that are available today.

We attended the conference this year and found it to be a thoroughly rewarding experience. The ideas, products, and technology that were on display during the conference held great educational value for all kinds of pest control business owners, so we can see why it’s so popular. You can read more about our experience at PestWorld here.

As you can see, the NPMA is an organization that’s very useful for pest control businesses that are looking to learn more about the industry and keep pace with its changing demands. There are four types of membership available on the site so you can check these out and decide which one would suit your needs the best. After you make your choice, you’ll realize that the registration process is fairly straightforward – another benefit of joining the NPMA.

Well, that’s that – our take on the NPMA and the many benefits that it offers you. Our verdict on this association is that it’s worth joining for the high-quality educational tools that it equips you with that enable you to take on the world of pest control.