When you’re running a pest control business, it’s not just your employees and internal activities that can determine success. The kind of resources that you use also plays a role in influencing how well you end by handling your day-to-day operations. But the question inevitably arises: how do you find the best resources for your pest control business? Well, one way to do this would be to view online publications that run articles on the same.

PCT (Pest Control Technology) is among the most popular online newspapers/magazines that give users access to articles and newsletters on pest control services. We loved how simple the layout of this site is and how easy it is for users to navigate to different articles on it. You can choose to read articles on pests, advertising, customer service, and much more. We found the articles on the site to be very concise and well-targeted towards an audience of pest control companies.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the business for a while or you’ve recently dipped your toes into the pest control industry, you’re sure to find an article here that interests you. The articles on pests are especially useful since they’re split into different categories. These categories include rodents, termites, ants, mosquitoes, spiders, bed bugs, and more. Therefore, you needn’t waste time scrolling past dozens of articles on the site to find the kind of pests that you’d like to learn more about.

There are many useful articles on pests that we found on the site that detail the new ways in which you can deal with them using the best techniques. For instance, under the mosquitoes category, we found articles on research regarding genetically modified mosquitoes, techniques to ward off infestations, and much more. Few online publications feature so many articles on every category like this one does, so suffice it to say that we found it suitably impressive.

Additionally, articles on pests aren’t the only thing that you’ll find on PCT. You’ll also find blogs, webinars, podcasts, videos, and other forms of media on the site. Therefore, if you’re not particularly fond of reading (like many people aren’t), then you have alternative options available here to help you glean as much information as you can to help you expand your business.

We were pleased to find that other blogs and sites had reviewed this magazine/newspaper as well and written about it quite favorably. You can look for ‘best pest control newspapers online’ or ‘best online publications for pest control’ and you’re sure to find PCT featured on many lists that include such sites. Considering this is a monthly publication, the articles that you’ll find on it are up-to-date and brimming with only the kind of information that you’d require to improve upon your existing business strategy. Therefore, by subscribing to this publication (or checking it out regularly), you can stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

A great feature of this site is that it doesn’t just feature articles on best practices and research regarding pesticides, etc. It also features information on new product releases and guides on how you can improve your pest control company business strategy. In other words, everything that you might need to help you progress past your competitors is contained in this newspaper. Quite frankly, there’s so much happening on this site that it’s highly likely you’ll end up learning much more about your industry than you’d originally intended.

We found this newspaper to be especially useful for those who are still familiarizing themselves with pest control. This is mainly because there are articles and posts on training, safety, distributors, and other aspects of a pest control business on this site. Trust us, it’ll take you days, maybe even weeks to go through every single article here that you find to be interesting. Even details and reviews on suppliers are available on PCT.

Also, choosing to educate yourself using PCT is highly convenient because you have flexible options here. You can either opt for a magazine subscription or opt to receive newsletters. The magazine has monthly issues that contain articles on the latest news in the pest control industry and product information. The newsletters feature news items as well, alongside surveys, brand happenings, and product information related to industry partners. The first year of your magazine subscription with PCT is free, which makes it an affordable option for those who have recently established their businesses.

Even the ads that are featured on this site are well placed. When reading through different articles for our research, we came across several ads for gel guns, pest control insulation, soft bait, and other pest control products. Even though we didn’t click on every ad and check out every product, considering PCT is a highly reputed publication, we’re certain that these products must be of great quality. We can readily imagine why pest control businesses would find this site to be very useful: not only is it packed with great informational content, but it’s also a great directory for those looking to purchase resources for their business.

All in all, PCT is deserving of its position atop the lists that count it among the best online publications in the pest control industry. Therefore, if you’re looking to expand your business operations by learning something new about your trade, we’d say that it’s well worth giving this newspaper/magazine a shot.