Starting a pest control business is a tricky process since the industry is highly competitive. However, once you get your insurance and certificates, it is time to grow. Most pest control companies start from zero. Even if you are building upon an existing list as a pest control company, marketing is the most crucial skill that you would require to stay at the top in this business. 

Regardless of how far you have made in your pest control marketing journey, the following 6 marketing ideas can help your pest control company in generating new leads.

  • Get an Amazing Professional Website

First of all, you should start by getting an informative and polished website for your pest control business. It will help your customers find you online and get in touch with you to learn about your quotes, services, invoices, payment methods, and a lot more. 

Your website should be tailored in a way that when a client visits it, he immediately gets the solution to his problem. Moreover, you should know about the essential things that you can add to build a great website. 

For instance, you can use engaging images and videos on your website as it will serve as your first impression. Similarly, you should add links to your social media accounts on the website to ensure that your clients can find the latest updates about your business. It is also recommended to use the text on the landing page to tell clients the story behind your business, tips, and tricks for effective pest removal, and the kind of services you can offer them. Above all, your website should be mobile-friendly and secure for the clients to add to their convenience.

  • Set Up a Referral Program

Most pest control companies underestimate the effectiveness of referral programs in making their business grow. A referral is the most powerful marketing tactic in the pest control industry. People believe what they get to hear from each other’s experiences. 

When a customer is happy with your services, he is more likely going to tell his friends and family members about it. So, make sure that you don’t leave the referrals to chance like other pest control companies. Instead, you should set up a referral program without further delay to spread good words about your company all around the world.

You can set up a referral program simply by communicating your referral program via email or ad, offering incentives to your clients, i.e. 10% off for each referral, identifying customers who are referring you and keeping track of the new customers. 

  • Get Reviews

Just like referrals, reviews can help your pest control business stand out from the competition. It is a common practice that when someone searches any specific industry on Google, he picks and chooses companies that have maximum positive reviews. 

If you want to be on the top, you should actively try to get the maximum positive reviews from your clients from the start. You can simply do that by sending a follow-up email to your client after you are done with your job. This way, they will know that their work is complete and now you are looking forward to receiving valuable feedback from them. 

In case you receive a negative review, you should respond to it to potentially fix the issue. So, a good response to a negative review will demonstrate your professionalism and ability to deal with difficult situations or clients. 

You can also improve the chances of getting positive reviews from your clients by acting smartly. For instance, if you ask a client for a review after he has requested more work or services, he is likely going to give a positive review.

  • Use Paid Ads

Gone are the days when different companies used to have traditional advertising tools like pamphlets, billboards, or brochures to get the word out. It is a digital world where online advertising is the only best way to drive new leads. 

Pay per click (PPC) is the most common type of ad where you pay at every click by someone who opens your ad. Google display ads help increase the visibility of your business by placing the ad at different websites. However, you can also use Facebook ads or LinkedIn to spread the word about your business. 

  • Use Infographics

 If you want to convey a lot of information regarding your products to your clients by making sure that they don’t get distracted meanwhile, infographics are the most easy-to-understand way you can use without overwhelming readers. 

We all know that the human brain processes visual information 60,000x faster than text. That’s why people usually get bored of long texts or blogs. Even if they are not interested in a 4000-word long article, they would still pause to watch a certain image or video to get information. 

So, you can use eye-catching infographics to show your clients the most common pests in their area. Similarly, you can also focus on a specific type of product that can help them get rid of the pests and critters in their homes.

  • Don’t Forget About SEO

While talking about the best marketing ideas to grow a pest control business, one can never ignore the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It helps improve your content to make it rank higher on Google or other search engines. 

If you implement good SEO practices, your website can appear at the top of the relevant search results. For instance, when a potential customer searches for “pest control solutions” or “pest control services”, your website should be higher than your competitors. It will further improve your online visibility which means more and more people will get to see your website. 

However, you should know how to maximize the benefits of SEO for your pest control company. You can invest a significant amount of time in keyword research by identifying the search terms that most people are looking for in the pest control industry. You can also include target keywords in Meta descriptions, titles, and tags to optimize the content. 

Another effective way is by building backlinks to add credibility to your brand. You can get in touch with authentic sources or experts and ask them to add links back to your resources through their websites. 

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